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Premium Clock is a simple desktop clock application with exquisite designs
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This application is designed to help you customize your desktop with beautiful and exquisite clock-related wallpapers. It provides multiple high-quality skins that bring a fresh and elegant look to your computer screen.

The program consists of an analog clock that works as a desktop wallpaper, a digital clock in the shape of a stylish replica of the system tray clock, and a calendar for date orientation. Each component can be adjusted individually, so that they can best suit your needs. Both the analog and the digital clocks may appear on the computer screen to help you manage your time easier, or you may hide them and keep visible the nice and attractive backgrounds only.

The analog clock is really impressive, mainly since it comes along with highly aesthetic skins that beautify your desktop’s appearance. There are over thirty elegant skins on different topics – topics that can be easily guessed from the suggestive names of the profiles. The clocks are highly customizable in terms of opacity, size, and position on the screen. To be permanently aware of the passing of time, you may set the clock to appear on top of other running applications. The ability to set its level of transparency is of great help in this regard.

Premium Clock is a simple desktop clock application. The program's basic settings make it easy to be managed by any user. The app doesn't come with any additional time-related tasks, except for an ordinary calendar. It is stated on the developers' official site that you can set alarms for incoming events, but I couldn’t identify such an option. You will discover whether this feature is available after purchasing the product once you have your license key. However, what differentiates this utility from other similar tools is the quality of its graphics and its exquisite designs.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Easy to manage
  • Elegant wallpapers
  • Exquisite clock designs
  • Provides both analog and digital clocks
  • Customizable date and time formats


  • No alarm option (at least not with the trial version)
  • Doesn't provide a stopwatch or a timer
  • A bit pricey
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